Мeeting of the Macedonian and Italian Trade unions of energy in Rome

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Роберт Симоноски и Карло Де Маси при потпишувањето на договорот
Robert Simonoski and Carlo De Masi during signing of the contract
Independent Trade Union of Workers of Energy and Economy of Macedonia and the Italian Trade Union of Energy FLAEI at the beginning of April in Rome signed a bilateral agreement for cooperation in several areas. The agreement was signed by Robert Simonoski, president of the Macedonian trade union  and Carlo de Masi, General Secretary FLAEI, during the visit of Italy, from 8 to 12 April.

The bilateral agreement provides for training and educating of members and staff in the energy sector, exchange of workers between both countries, social and cultural advancement, education and training in the field of renewable energy sources and mutual cooperation with the Confederations in which both unions are affiliated (Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia and CISL).

The meetings were organized with the Director of ILO for Italy and San Marino Luigi Cal, with Andrea Ciampani and Cristina Cofacci as representatives of the University Community of Italy, representative of one of the major European Energy Companis ENEL, as well as with the Secretary of CISL Jani Barata.

The bilateral agreement is supported by the Italian Federation of Trade Unions CISL.

At the beginning of March 2012 FLAEI delegation paid an official visit to The Macedonian Trade union of Energy. The guests from Italy on March 7 had a meeting with President of CCM Zivko Mitrevski, where they exchanged cordial messages of friendship. Mitrevski informed Italian colleagues about the current social and economic situation in Macedonia and the agenda of CCM. Italian trade unionists stressed their complete support for Macedonia's European perspective and expressed hope that the cooperation of the unions will positively affect on the cooperation between Macedonia and Italy.

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