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На конференцијата се изнесоа фрапантни податоци за раширеноста на мобингот во Македонија
The Conference presented striking data on the prevalence of mobbing in Macedonia

The results from the survey on mobbing in the Republic of Macedonia confirm our view that is necessary to adopt a special law on mobbing - said today Zivko Mitrevski, President of CCM, at the first Conference of the "Antimobing Network - MK", held in CCM.

During the conference two presentations were made - results of the Survey conducted by CCM of 1114 respondents, and the Report of operations of the Office for assistance and education to victims of mobbing.
The processed data show that 44% of respondents said they were victims of mobbing, said Goce Selovski, president of SFDM. Survey data are striking and worrisome and it is obvious that this area should be legally defined.

Mitrevski and Selovski said that mobbing is objectively difficult to prove and that there are new forms observed. Determining the dynamics of treating these conditions is important issue for the trade union.

The survey covered almost all sectors, while it is conducted with the help of expert staff of the Office for assistance and education to victims of mobbing, the territorial units of CCM - the regional offices and offices of the CCM - the overall structure of CCM.

The survey was conducted throughout the past year. Of the total 3.000 questionnaires feedback was received from 1.114, from all sectors and throughout the country, so the results are representative.

Emilija Ugrinovska, psychologist and member of the Expert team informed that there have been 11 claims filed, with two cases resolved through mediation. For comparison, in Croatia also there is no specific law, but there were 17 completed trials.

Maja Ristova said she noticed a change in people who are more informed and encouraged to seek help. President of UPOZ Peco Grujovski said that the number of sick leaves, absences, complaints to the pressures and all other elements of mobbing membership are growing amongst the membership.

The conference also presented data on the costs of mobbing. It is estimated that in Germany every year mobbing produce losses of two billion euro. Macedonia, with 45 times less employed by the same calculation on basis of poor health, sick leaves, treatments and other interventions annually looses 12.9 million euro, and if we consider all the consequences (long-lasting effects on health, family, economy) the total damage may amount to 39 million euro.    

NOTE: Both presentations, research and report on the operations of the Office for assistance and protection to victims of mobbing are integrally published in the part "ANTIMOBING NETWORK - MK."

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