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Проектот замислен како отворена комуникација, без победени и победници
The project is foreseen as an open communication of social partners

The Minister Nikola Todorov and the President of the Independent Trade Union of Health, Pharmacy and Social Care, Ljubisa Karanfilovski announced the four-year project of cooperation between the ministry and the union on the press conference.

The objectives of the planned cooperation are to promote the status of workers in the health system and joint development and promotion of policies in the field of health.

"This is the first time to build such open collaboration with medical workers. The protection of workers, enhancing their status and solving everyday problems are priority objectives of the agreed cooperation. We can not say that we have achieved success if we have a situation of satisfied patient and non satisfied medical worker and vice versa. Such dibalans is a source of constant problems within the system and that is the reason why we are going to have meetings with trade unions in all medical organization in the country. Thus we will create for the first time in Macedonia a system of health policy which is close to medical workers, "said the Minister Todorov.

The President of the Independent Trade Union of Health, Pharmacy and Social Care, Ljubisa Karanfilovski noted that cooperation provides new impetus to social dialogue. "With the new approach we have the field to detect problems. We are aware that at this point the health care is in a difficult situation, especially because of unexpected claims on grounds of health services and limited resources. Working on site means a very difficult job, but it offers better results in solving the problems, " said Karanfilovski.

The Minister and the President informed on the organization of joint meetings in all health facilities in the country, while Karanfilovski stated that certain specific problems have been detected in several medical institutions.

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