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Предавачот Синиша Пекевски - Светот и технологијата се менуваат брзо, потребите од квалитетни тимови се се поизразени
Sinisa Pekevski: the world and technology are changing rapidly, the need for quality teams is very high

Today the Youth Section of CCM held a seminar on "Creating a team and teamwork." The lecturer was Mr. Sinisa Pekevski, coach at "SI Communication", while the participants were about 30 young trade unionists, members of the Executive Board and members of the Youth sections of the unions affiliated in CCM.

The presentation of Sinisa Pekevski covered several phases, defining the notion of teamwork, creating a team, factors affecting the formation of a successful team leader, the importance of mutual communication and other issues.

The seminar was attended by young active trade unionists, who gave specific examples of their work environments, so the meeting was realized in interactive way.

During the second part of the seminar members of the youth section expressed their views on the significance and problems related to teamwork.

Although the agenda of the seminar used findings from the American disciplines of the personnel in the business environments, proved that the basic principles are universal. Through specific examples was proved that quality teams mean more effective use of resources, better problem-solving, higher quality challenges, greater creativity and higher quality decisions.

The general conclusion is that in the teamwork is necessary in the modern world for successful operation of all types of activities and that knowledge is needed for creation of good teams.

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