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Presidents of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia and the Union of Independent and Autonomous Trade Unions -  Zivko Mitrevski, Rasko Miskoski and Slobodan Antovski sent a protest letter to European Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule. The reason for the protest is missed adjective "Macedonian" by the European Commission’s Report on the progress of Republic of Macedonia.

The letter says:

Dear Commissioner Fule,

On behalf of the Macedonian workers and all working people of our country, we send a sharp and energetic protest for the European Commission's attempts to delete the Macedonian identity through denial of the Macedonian language, and your open support of the Greek positions in this unjust and unsubstantiated legal dispute Greece has with our name and identity.

To be precise and clear, Macedonian worker respects the principles of justice and freedom that are also principles of the European Union. We have them in history, we fought for them and won them, and the European Union have to respect our internationally recognized and guaranteed fundamental rights to be Macedonians and our language and our identity to be Macedonian.

We respect European values. We respect the European Union as a reality that can contribute to improving the standard, the possibilities for economic development and new jobs, but we don’t want these benefits to be gained at the cost of negation of the Macedonians and the Macedonian, facts that are reality and of which we have no intention, nor right to give away.

We openly oppose to such imperialism in attempt, as you try to promote by deleting or renaming the Macedonian in us. You should know that workers suffered many pressures and threats, but always managed to fight for what they believe. We believe and feel as Macedonians and not otherwise. Listen to the Macedonian worker - this dishonest attempt to deny the Macedonian will not be accepted.

The growth of Republic of Macedonia is a result of investment of labor, knowledge, energy and resources of the Macedonian workers, our honest work and we will not let any of us to be humiliated by open denials of what we are and will not accept and will not allow such attempts.

We honestly want you to understand our feelings and arguments. They are undisputed and no one can change them. They are created by the civilization, they are accepted and secured. We invite you to change your attitude, to end this unfair, unsustainable and vane negation of all that is Macedonian, and to confirm that the European spirit of solidarity and unity of working people in Europe is alive. We all respect it and we want to cooperate equal in our rights.

ILO Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities - EU FRIEDRICH EBERT STIFTUNG Организацијa на работодавачи на Македонија etuc