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Од средбата: се поклопуваат интересите на членството на двете организации
Zivko Mitrevski and Dragi Argirovski – sincere delivery of the Acknowledgment to CCM

Today the Federation of Associations of Retirees of Macedonia SZPM gave their gratitude and Acknowledgment to the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, celebrating the 65th anniversary of retirees’ organization in Macedonia.

The Acknowledgment was handed by the President of SZPM Dragi Argirovski, while in the name of CCM , the plaque was received by President Zivko Mitrevski.

The presidents of both organizations agreed that the CCM and SZPM have close missions and standards of care for their members. Although their members belong to different groups in society, they still have very close interests. Retirees were once workers and vice versa, so there is a strong interdependence.

The activities of both organizations are noble and that’s why we are directed to cooperation, said President Zivko Mitrevski. It is known that CCM lead initiative to expand the conditions for retirement and it is one of the possibilities to act together before the state authorities. Any assistance is appreciated and certainly the initiative will gain in importance if CCM receives logistical support from senior citizen associations. The same applies to other key legislation.

We do not care for the workers just until retirement. We care for the people after that as well. One of our ideas is to establish a Retirees’ Trade Union in the form of a separate union organization. It is the practice in Western countries and there is no reason it can not be created in Macedonia, said President Mitrevski.

We are veterans of labor and we care about are the socio-economic relations in the state. We are interested in employment growth, because the growing relationship between employees and retirees. There are 273.000 retirees in Macedonia, 235.000 of whom are active members of our associations, said Dragi Argirovski.

General Secretary of SZPM Trajkova Stanka said the Association of retirees supports the agenda for expand of the conditions for retirement without changing the age limit, i.e., for introduction of alternatives for voluntary retirement.

Presidents of CCM and SZPM agreed that there are numerous other forms of joint action as participation of SZPM on the sessions of CCM for the issues regarding retirees and vice versa. Next year was declared in Europe as "Year of Intergenerational cooperation and solidarity," which raises the possibility of opening the retirement issues in Macedonia.

Zivko Mitrevski and Dragi Argirovski - warm delivery of the Acknowledgment for CCM

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