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25.07.2014-foto1Caption 1: President Mitrevski with the leadership of "Vitaminka"-Prilep

This summer the working visits of the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia continue. The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, PhD Zivko Mitrevski on 25.7.2014, had a working visit in the RTUS Prilep. The purpose of this visit which is a part of the working engagement this summer in CCM was the implementation of the collective agreements and the OHS Campaign. During this working visit, the President of CCM visited "Vitaminka" - Prilep, one of the most important economic capacities in Prilep, Macedonia.

On the meeting in "Vitaminka" Prilep by the President of the board of directors, Simon Naumoski and the CEO Sasho Naumoski, the activities of their working capacities were presented and one example of the realization of the rights set forth in the labor legislation and collective bargaining. This company is one of the leaders in achieving corporate social responsibility in the implementation of all rights in the collective agreement, including the annual leave allowance and implementation of OHS measures. By the management of the company the developmental perspectives and new investments associated with opening a new factory were presented as well as the new cutting edge machine for making chocolate.

What was concluded was that the social dialogue within this company is operating at the highest level and is one of the most positive examples which among other things contribute to the development of this company. In "Vitaminka" Prilep there are round 600 employees.

25.07.2014-foto2Caption 2: President Mitrevski visiting the subsidiary "Crn bor" - Prilep

During the working visit, the President of CCM, PhD Zivko Mitrevski and the General Secretary of RTUS in Prilep, Lazar Angeleski, had a working visit in the subsidiary "Crn Bor" which operates within the PE "Makedonski Sumi" - Skopje. On this meeting by the President of CCM, also President of the Union for Forestry, Wood Industry and Energy of Macedonia, PhD Zivko Mitrevski, the employees in the subsidiary were informed of the new activities within PE "Makedonski Sumi" Skopj, as well as of the activities of the union in terms of the amendments to the collective agreement for employees in PE "Makedonski Sumi".

The visit in Prilep was used for further discussions regarding the implementation of CCM’s campaign for implementation of OSH measures, the implementation of social dialogue on local level and realization of the collective bargaining.

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