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First of June - International Children's Day, declared by UNICEF in 1925 on the World Conference on Welfare of Children, held in Geneva, Switzerland traditionally has been celebrated in many countries around the world. In honor of the International Children's Day this year the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria 14 times in a row held the Ethno festival: Children in the Balkans together in Europe, in the beautiful place Mineral Baths - district Haskovo, Bulgaria. The festival is supported by the Charity Fund Professor Zheljasko Hristov, former President of KNSB upon whose initiative this cultural event is being celebrated.

01.06.2014-foto1Caption 1. Folklore Group, Buchim, Radovish

The festival has an international character and during the two days more than 2,000 children from around the world have been singing and dancing. This event was attended by the children's folklore groups from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Poland and Turkey.

At the invitation of KNSB, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia each year from the start of the festival in 2001 participated with Folklore groups: Koco Racin, Mirche Acev, Orce Nikolov and Vlado Tasevski, Skopje, Srma from Kumanovo, Tikvesh from Kavadarci.

This year on the Children's ethno festival in Haskovo, CCM organized the participation of the Folklore group Buchim, Radovish that presented a "combination of Macedonian folk dances" performed by the orchestra of two children's accordions and drums and "dances from Povardarie" performed by the children dance group. The performance of the children folklore group Buchim was greeted with delight and loud applause by the crowds and the festival jury awarded a special prize for authentic folklore.

Through events of this kind, through dances and songs, exchanging experiences, children around the world have the opportunity to present the authentic ethnic culture of their country as well as to gain knowledge for the ethnic culture of other countries. With the nourishing and development of cultural and creative potentials and values of children it is being contributing to the development of the process of integration of countries from Balkan, region, Europe and worldwide.

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