Women Section of CCM


On 8 and 9 June in Ohrid was held the Third Conference of Women Section of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

President od the Women Section in the next period will be Elizabeta Gelevska, Secretary of the Trade Union of workers in textile, leather and shoe industry (STKC). The former President was Gordica Boskovska, legal representative in the regional trade union office of CCM in Kumanovo.

The Conference adopted the Report for 2006 - 2011, adopted the Rules for organizing the Women Section and established the Executive Board.

Women Section was established on November 29, 2000, by decision of the Council of CCM. Members of the Women Section the women of the trade unions.

Guidelines for action of the women section are: affirmation of women in society, fight against gender discrimination, equal participation of women in social, political, and economic processes and affecting on all other conditions regarding the position of women.

The primary goals of women section are:

Participants at the conference were: Violeta Dimovska and Verica Bozinovska of Agro Trade Union, Olivera Peteva and Voskresija Boeva of SUTKOZ,  of Elena Kamberska and Svetlana Dimovska of SGIP, Jordanka Nikolovska of the Trade union for health, pharmacy and social protection, Elizabeta Gelevska of STKCH, Radojka Helman Denkovska of SIER, Nevenka Baceva Ademuleva of SRSVM, Tatjana Aleksovska Sapundzhievska  and Marija Petrova of UPOZ, Violeta Zajkova and Slavica Nastova of the Trade Union of forestry, wood industry and energy, Nevena Petkovska and Kapka Bozinovska of MESO, Gordica Boskovska of CCM and Jasmina Velkova of SFDM.

The conference was held in the same period as the seminar "Gender Equality in Macedonia". During the meeting CCM President Zivko Mitrevski, explaining the concept of CCM in terms of organizing of the women section, said that:


President of the Women Section is Elizabeta Gelevska