The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (hereinafter named SSM) is an organisation in which the trade unions are affiliated on voluntary and democratic basis.  SSM unites and represents the common social, economic, and cultural interests of the affiliated trade unions.

SSM affiliates the following trade unions:

SSM has a Working Programme.

SSM is autonomous and independent of the state bodies, employers, political parties, religious communities and other organizations.

SSM stands for establishing a social, legal and democratic state, social justice, solidarity, humanity and social and economic growth of Republic of Macedonia.

Workers become members of the trade unions on a voluntary basis.

For the implementation of their goals and tasks, the Trade Unions affiliated in SSM are establishing trade union network, which is regulated by their Statutes.

Trade unions affiliated in the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, are obliged to respect the Statute of SSM and to implement its decisions.

The Trade Unions’ Statutes and their other acts cannot be opposite to this Statute.

In the implementation of its aims and tasks, SSM uses all the means and forms of trade union struggle in the framework of the Constitution and the Laws of Republic of Macedonia, this Statute, and generally recognized standards and norms of the International legislation (Conventions and Recommendations), especially those relating to the implementation of the workers’ rights and their organizing in trade unions.

The name of the organisation is: Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

In the International communication, the Federation uses the name: Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM).

SSM is a legal entity.

The headquarters of SSM is in Skopje, boulevard 12 Udarna brigada, 2

The symbols of SSM are the sign, the arm and the flag.

Aims and tasks of SSM

The basic aims and tasks of SSM are:

In the social and political area:

In the economic and social area:

In the trade union organizing and acting: