Government adopted the Draft - Law of mobbing

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Александар Ѓорѓиев: Законот е конкретен резултат на социјалниот дијалогAleksandar Georgiev: This Law is a concrete result of social dialogueGovernment last session adopted the draft law on protection against harassment in the workplace, which will serve to protect the workers and the employers.

- This law is adopted for the first time in our country. It was adopted upon direct request of trade unions, it was reviewed, accepted and allowed by the government. This law is the clear political will of the Government to seriously improve workers' rights and achievement of higher standards in their promotion. It is a concrete and positive result of intra-social dialogue, said government spokesman Alexander Georgiev.

The law defines the place and time of performance of harassment that are treated by the law. As time of committed physical and sexual harassment in the workplace is considered the time within working hours and travel time to and from work. For better protection and promotion of rights, and also for protection from abuse, behaviors and activities that are not considered harassment in the workplace are defined.

Deadline for submission of the demand is six months from the date when the last harassment in the workplace was committed.

Fine of 5.000 to 6.000 euros, in MKD shall be imposed on the employer - legal entity, for some situations. Further fine of 3.000 to 4.000 euros in MKD shall be imposed on the director or other responsible person of the employer. If the employer is an individual, the fine is 1.000 to 2.000 euro in MKD.

After passing the Law by Parliament, the employer will be obliged within 30 days to inform employees about the rights, obligations and responsibilities provided by law, and to prepare a list of mediators.

This law is of interest, as government’s spokesman stressed, both to workers, employers and the society, it provides strong promotion of workers' rights and their protection, as well of the democratic and universal principles and values. It provides an environment for efficient, effective and productive performing of organization’s tasks and objectives.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia for few years campaigns and makes intensive efforts to pass a special law against harassment. On May Day 2012 was launched the campaign for special law for mobbing, and the matter is continuously initiated on the Economic and Social Council.

On 21 December 2010 in SSM was opened an office assistance and education to victims of mobbing, with special expert team for contacts, advice and advocacy to potential victims. Several projects were held, such as "Anti-Mobbing Network MK", as well as training cycles, and in May 2012 20 people got licenses for anti-mobbing advisors. SSM also conducted a survey on the extent and forms of this phenomenon in Macedonian working environments.

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