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Слика 1. Претседателот на ССМ, д-р Живко Митревски на прес-конференцијатаCaption 1. The President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski on the conference

On 23.2.2016 in Veles, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia in cooperation with the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association, held a press conference and had a meeting with the social partners, civil society organizations, media, representatives from relevant sectors and other stakeholders in the region within the frameworks of the Project "Strengthening the partnerships of civil society and state institutions in the creation and promotion of the right to safe and healthy working environment - Basic human right".

Before the meeting the President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski held a press conference.

"In the past few years we have significantly improved the OHS measures, reduced the number of work-related injuries among workers and has raised the awareness among employers to provide conditions for safe jobs" said President Mitrevski.

"We have improved the environment and raised the awareness for the Macedonian workers especially since 2010 with the permanent changes that we made in the OHS Law. And the fact the number of injuries has been decreased compared with previous years and the reduction in death consequences shows that the awareness of the need for safety and health at work is growing. The penalties that have been introduced also act preventively and shall further improve the situation "- said President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski.

"In terms of implementation of a pro-European type of trade unionism we have fought the president of a TU organization to be able to perform analysis and control jobs at least twice a year. If he/she determines that there are no safe conditions for work he/she is entitled to stop the process of production.

The latest amendments also provide that each record made by the labor inspectorate can not be closed unless it is signed by the president of the trade union organization"- said the President Mitrevski.

Слика 2. Претседателот на ССМ, д-р Живко Митревски на отворање на настанотCaption 2. The President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski on the opening of the meeting

The meeting was opened by the President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski, who stressed the importance of the OHS Law and the need for training, increase of the capacities of the presidents and OHS representatives in order to provide healthy and safe working conditions at the workplace and the importance of strengthening the partnership between civil society organizations and state institutions which has great influence in the part of occupational health and safety.

Vesna Ristovska, the project manager had presentation on the project activities and OHS Law with emphasis on the role of shop steward / OHS representatives.

Presentation of the research results and analysis of the questionnaires on the role of shop steward / OHS representatives, problems and challenges, had the Secretary of the regional union office of CCM in Veles, Sebaedin Shakirov and Janka Jovanova, coordinator of the regional trade union office of CCM in Sveti Nikole.

The meting was attended by all stakeholders, including Ljubica Janevska representative from "Rontis", a company for medical devices, who informed the audience on the experience of OSH in her company as a good example of implementation of the legal provisions from the OHS Law.

Слика 3. Учесниците на настанотCaption 3. Participants on the meeting

At the end of the meeting the research conclusions were presented which confirmed that in companies where a union organization is established, the OHS representative is able to perform his/her work and employees are familiar with the basic principles and provisions arising from the OHS Law.

These conclusions once again confirmed that the collective protection through union membership is the best form of action and protection of employment rights including the right to work in safe and healthy working environment.

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