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Слика 1. 7ми Конгрес на СТКЧCaption 1. 7th Congress of the Trade Union of STKC

On 27.1.2016 the 7th Congress of the Trade Union of the Workers in Textile, Leather and Shoe making Industry was held with the motto "It is time to achieve realization of decent work together." On the Congress the Statute and the Action Program of STKC in the period 2015-2020 was adopted.
Слика 2. Работно претседателствоCaption 2. Working Presidency

The congress elected a new president of STKC, Ljupco Radovski – from Teteks JSC Tetovo who has been a longtime union activist in this union. The union in the coming period shall continue its democratic principle of action, respect of the basic principles of creating methods and activities to build fair society, defending the constitutional and legal position of the social-economic interests of workers, their families and all trade unions in our country.

Слика 3. Новоизбраниот претседател на СТКЧ, Љупчо РадовскиCaption 3. Newly elected President of STKC

STKC in the next five years shall focus its program goals and objectives on promotion and protection of the economic and social rights and interests of its membership and shall seek to exercise their rights guaranteed by the Constitution, laws, collective agreements and other regulations. Besides the implementation of these commitments STKC shall strive to implement the development strategy aimed towards the realization of micro and macro level. It shall mean creation of preconditions for further social affirmation of STKC and strengthening its real position as an important social partner in the society by participating in the design and creation of the global social relations.

In this regard, STKC in the forthcoming period shall focus its activity on realization of workers’ rights, consistently carrying out its constitutional, legal and statutory position as independent workers’ organization promoting trade union organizing and action.

The activities of STKC shall be directed towards economic and social development; social dialogue and collective bargaining; protection of workers' rights; international cooperation and building of a modern, mobile and more numerous union in which workers shall have full trust. The right to a decent work is one of the fundamental rights of every employee.


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