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Слика 1. Присутни на работилницатаCaption 1. Participants on the Workshop

On 21 and 22 September 2015, in the hotel Aleksandar Palace a the tripartite workshop was held in the framework of the Project “Promoting Social Dialogue”, on which representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (CCM), led by the President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitevski, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and other social partners were present.

On the workshop the participants discussed a set of measures which shall be incorporated in a Tripartite Action Plan on Collective Bargaining, taking in consideration the gender issue.

Technical support during the workshop was provided by Ms. Cristina Mihes, ILO Senior Specialist for Social Dialogue and Labour Law, Mr. Dragan Radic, ILO Senior Specialist for Employers’ Activities and Mr. Ovidiu Jurca, ILO Senior Specialist for Workers’ Activities.

Слика 2. Претседателот Митревски на работилницатаCaption 2. President Mitrevski on the Workshop

The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski has emphasized the importance of the need to develop a Tripartite Action Plan for collective bargaining and also stressed that in this context there is a need to analyze the density of the sectoral collective agreements, to make appropriate mapping, to promote the need for collective bargaining in the industrial zones, and in any case a promotion to strengthen the legal framework to encourage the process of collective bargaining between the social partners needs to be considered. In this regard the position of the state to affirm this process shall be especially significant.

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