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The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (CCM), this year will mark 28 April- the World OHS Day.

Safety and health at work is a fundamental and extremely important right of employment. The exercise of this right is one of the priority commitments of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia in the previous period has made historic changes to the OHS Law since in 2014 launched the initiative for amendments to the Law on Occupational Health and Safety within the celebration of 1st of May – the International Workers' Day, by launching the campaign: "For safe and secure jobs."

The essence of the proposed amendments to the OHS Law has provided an active role and gave proper weight to the President of the trade union organization or trade union representative of the majority union and OHS representative, taking measures and activities to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in the working environments and for the employer that represents an obligation immediately to notify the President of the trade union organization i.e. trade union representative of the majority union, the OHS representative and the representative for information and consultation, for every death case, collective accident, injury at work which causes a temporary inability to work lasting more than 3 days, as well as for any condition that presents an immediate danger and jeopardizes the safety of the employees at work. The complete and timely consultation and cooperation with these persons has contributed to improving the conditions for health and safety at work, especially when planning and procurement of new equipment and introduction of new technologies, compulsory and timely information to union representatives for each type of risk at the work places and consultation on the measures to control risks and eliminate harmful consequences.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia will actively cooperate with all organizations, associations, institutions, inspectorates, from the country and abroad, with employers' organizations, social partners at all levels, scientific and professional public in order to realize and promote a trade union system for protection of the fundamental OHS right.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia will further put efforts in the direction of improvement of relevant regulation, to improve the level of implementation in all companies and levels and to improve the level of personal and collective protection of the working places.

Namely, CCM gives support and joins the celebration of April 28th- the International Workers’ Memorial Day- by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the International Trade union Confederation (ITUC). On this day trade unions remember all people who have lost their lives as a result of occupational diseases and accidents at work. The international theme for 2015 is protection of danger substances exposure.

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