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The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia is especially focused on the part of the celebration of social justice. CCM will continue to put efforts for respect and promotion of labor rights by improving labor legislation and legislation in line with the international labor standards, by strengthening the social dialogue, collective bargaining, by respecting the right to strike with all rights and freedoms, by application and increase of the minimum wage, reducing the number of unemployed, combating poverty, providing material welfare and security of the workers and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

We have showed and proved this by series of specific steps beginning with the historic introduction of the minimum wage, ceasing the decline of labor rights, taking care for the jobs, avoiding mass layoffs, increasing wages and the minimum wage, taking care of age limit of pension years of service, adoption of the Law on mobbing, Law on OHS, signing of new collective agreements, recourse for vacation and many other activities.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia is dedicated to protection of workers’ rights on a collective and individual base in the private and public sector in the country. CCM will continue to pursue its strategic activities aimed at promoting the dignity of social justice, elimination of inequality and fight against poverty by improving the social and economic security of the citizens and workers in the country.

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